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Equine Breeding

Artificial Insemination has allowed many mare owners to choose to breed their mare to premier studs even if they are not in the local area.  Shipped semen is commonly available as either cooled semen or frozen.  Bridger Vet is fully equipped to help get your mare bred to the stud of your choice.  We are happy to review breeding contracts that you might be considering as well as to make sure your mare is ready to be bred when the time is right.  Taking the time to work with your vet ahead of time improves the success rate of getting your mare pregnant on the first try.  Bridger Vet is able to handle mare breeding on an in-patient or and out-patient treatment plan depending on your availability to transport your mare.  We are happy to take the time before breeding season to talk with you about the whole process and what to expect.  If you are considering breeding your mare, even if the stud is local, stop in and talk to one of the vets, or a technician to make sure you are ready for breeding season.

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Bridger Vet is also there for you when those babies arrive.  Foals can face many challenges during their first few days and weeks of life.  The staff at Bridger Vet is happy to educate you on what to expect and make sure you are ready when that baby arrives.  If necessary Bridger Vet also has the facilities needed to hospitalize your mare and your foal until they are stable to go home.  Challenges facing foals can become emergencies quickly so if you are unsure if you are seeing normal behavior, reach out the the staff at Bridger Vet early and make sure your mare and foal are safe.  


Foal Care

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