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Bridger Vet Clinic is located south of Billings in Bridger Montana.  We are lucky to live and work in some of the most beautiful country around.  Our clinic is a mixed animal clinic in every way.  We love being an active part of our clients cattle operation as well as an integral part of keep their horses healthy and the family pets thriving.  At our clinic you can expect top notch medicine without having lost the small town feel.  We take an avid interest in our client and our patients.  We strive to be their whenever help is needed. 



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Yearly exams are recommended for your animals.  This allows us to utilize preventative medicine to to keep our patients healthy.


Make sure a through inspection is made of any horse you are considering purchasing.


We are fully equipped to offer dental care for dogs and cats as well as floats for our horse patients.  


Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery is available when needed for our small animal patients.  We also have the ability to utilize our equine surgical suite to offer expanded care to our horse patients.


Pregnancy detection, calving help, fertility testing, Bang's vaccination and all other necessary heard health is available both in the field and in the clinic.


We recognize that our patients don't stop needing care just because the office is closed.  We do our best to be available after hours to get your animals the care they need.



Whether you decide to breed your mare to a local stallion or the artificially inseminate her we can help with both her pre-breeding evaluation and the breeding process.


Vaccinations are an essential part of preventative medicine in all species.  We work hard to make sure the correct vaccinations and given to your animals to protect them for pathogens in their environment.




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Bridger Vet Clinic has been a critical part of providing care to all of the critters in southern Montana for many years.  The clinic has been operating under the current ownership since 2017 though Dr. Ray Randall can often be found helping out around the clinic.  We are so grateful that he continues to share his years of experience.

Dr. Tori Lewis has been a part of the Bridger Vet Clinic in various roles for 7 years.  She continues to work with several other veterinarians to provide high quality medicine with a practical small town, common sense, approach.  Dr. Heather Austin joined the team in early 2019 and adds her valuable years of experience on a part time basis as she splits her time between Bridger and our sister clinic in Powell.

We are looking forward to continuing to add to the services we are able to offer.  The field of veterinary medicine is growing at a phenomenal pace which allows us to continue to strive to offer better care to our clients.  Our goal is to keep pace with this growing knowledge base while never loosing the small town serve that that has been a hallmark of Bridger Vet Clinic for decades.  

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Bridger Vet Logo.jpg

17 Vet Lane

Bridger, MT 59014

Tel:  406-662-3335


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday - Friday


Emergency Services Available

After hours call: 406-662-3335


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