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Wellness Exams allow your veterinarian to find disease processes in your animals before they have progressed enough to start causing your animal to become sick.  Often these diseases are things that creep up slowly that you may not even know are a problem such as dental disease, weight management and the complications associated with that, allergies, and endocrine disorders.  Finding these diseases early gets your animal back on track sooner.  

Previously vaccination recommendations required dogs and cats to be vaccinated yearly, while we now know that frequency is more than is needed to maintain their vaccination health, the yearly trip to the vets office often provided the veterinarian to find these early signs of disease.  Though the frequency of vaccinations have been reduced, it is no less important to get your pet to the vets office for a through exam.  Consider talking to your vet about performing routine screening blood work to help find early organ system problems, or in the case of younger animals, early blood work can establish a normal baseline for your animal.  

We know how important nutrition is to maintaining health in our patients.  Patients fed a high quality diet which also is part of a weight control program frequently live longer lives with less disease processes along the way.  Your animals health is a long term commitment, the staff at Bridger Vet is part of the team you can rely on to help prevent diseases for even getting a foothold.  

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