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Dental Care is key to establishing good health in our patients regardless of the species.  In dogs and cats, we see poor dental health result in a painful condition that often leads to secondary health issues.  While all dogs have the potential to have dental health issues, small bred dogs are markedly over represented.  Cats too struggle with dental health.  Their dental disease is often associated with very painful lesions in the mouth.  It is not uncommon for kitties with a fractious nature to become much more affectionate once we get on top of their dental disease.

Our horse patients rely heavily on good dental care to maintain their overall health.  Weight loss is the most common result of poor dentition, but vices while riding with a bit in their mouth and even GI ulcers and the consequences of them are common.  Some horses need their teeth floated yearly, others may not need them worked on as often.  Work with your veterinarian to keep your horses mouth healthy

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