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Vaccinations are a key component to all preventative health plans.  In our dog and cat patients, we critically evaluate the needs of the patient and the risk of exposure to the disease to find the right balance between the risks and benefits of vaccines.  Our horse patients similarly are individually evaluated to find the right combination of vaccines to keep the protect if they are staying home or hitting the road.  Our herd producers face a constant battle agains infectious diseases that take a toll on their herd.  We work with our clients to taylor a vaccination protocol to the whole herd to reduce the effects of infections disease and increase profitability.  

Vaccinations are a constant source of protection from new and emerging diseases as well as a significant challenge to the immune system.  The old addage that we should vaccinate for everything is being brought into question.  At Bridger Vet, we will work with you to find the right balance for your pet to get the protection they need without unduly exhausting their immune system.  For more information on the debate surrounding small animal vaccines visit our BLOG site.  

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